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My Career As A Teacher - 898 Words

With fifteen years of experience teaching in a self contained classroom, I have learned that a teacher’s role is to foster a child’s discovery of ones self, by igniting internal motivation and providing students with the tools necessary for taking responsibility of their own learning. I began my career as a teacher at Aptos Academy, a private K-8 school in Aptos, California, where I taught fourth and second grade. While working at the Aptos Academy, I attended California State University Monterey Bay, where I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies and completed a Multiple Subject Preparation Program. Following this, I received my Masters of Arts degree in Curriculum and Instruction through the University of Saint Mary in Leavensworth, Kansas. After twelve years of teaching at the Aptos Academy, I moved to Maui, Hawaii where I taught sixth grade for two years at Kihei Charter, STEM Middle School. The following year, I acquired a new teaching position at L okelani Intermediate, a Title I school where I taught sixth grade English Language Arts and Study Skills. I became aware of my passion for special education while I was working as a fourth grade teacher at the Aptos Academy. My very first year as a teacher, I had a student on the spectrum who was extremely intelligent. He could mathematically figure out his vocabulary workbook pages, where all of the words would go. Although, when it came to creative writing this student would fall apart. It was extremelyShow MoreRelatedMy Career As A Teacher924 Words   |  4 Pagesmost students, I have changed my mind several times about which career to pursue. As a young child I imagined becoming a teacher. I loved helping others learn and discovering new ways to explain ideas. As a teenager I hoped to become a scientist so I could interpret new phenomena through research. The summer before my freshman year of college I bought an old psychology textbook at a bargain bookstore and knew I wanted to be a psychologist after reading the first chapter. My first semester I signed upRead MoreMy Career As A Teacher979 Words   |  4 Pagesvehemently drawn towards a career as a teacher. As we get older, we tend to change our career aspirations from what we dreamed of as a child. For me, the career of choice and indeed my passion continues to be teaching. I have always enjoyed being around children and especially younger ones. Combining my passion for teaching and enjoyment of the company of younger children leads me to the belief that I should be an elementary school teacher. â€Å"An elementary school teacher is a person trained to educateRead MoreMy Career As A Teacher1452 Words   |  6 Pagesyour passion, and make it your career and you will never work a day in your life.† This never rang true to me until I became a teacher. Five years ago I worked as a manager in the financial aid department at a local technical school. Prior to that job I spent 17 years in the business industry in various leadership roles. However, it was not until I completed my Bachelor’s De gree in Business Management and someone encouraged me to pursue my dream of teaching that my world became complete. TheRead MoreMy Career As A Teacher1061 Words   |  5 Pagesdeveloped as a professional and who was a primary mentor in my life. It delves briefly into my past and explains how I came to be in the military, while also explaining how a certain person was able to contribute to my professional growth. This paper examines my life as I progress from high school student to a NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) and a few of the challenges I had to endure. Developing a Professional What does being a mentor mean? In my opinion, it means teaching, guiding, and letting a personRead MoreMy Career Path For A Teacher Essay1211 Words   |  5 Pagesgoals of how they want to approach the right career path for them. They also have many different careers to choose from, they just have to find the right career for them. I however have not made up my mind. Right now I am working on obtaining a degree in Early Childhood Education. I haven’t decided whether I want to teach the younger kids or if I want to teach the older ones. After years of developing a passion of teaching, I’ve decided to take on the career of teaching. There are many degrees thatRead MoreMy Goals Of A Career As A Teacher850 Words   |  4 Pagesgirl, I always played to be a teacher, but I never thought that one day being a teacher was going to be my goal. Now, I do not see myself with a different career other than working as a teacher. I like to help people with whatever I can, and I knew that I wanted a career where I can contribute to the community. However, I was not sure what kind of career was ideal for me. During my high school years, I debated between different professions, but thanks to some great teachers that I had, I was able toRead MoreMy Career Path For A Teacher967 Words   |  4 PagesOn October 21, 2015 my cooperating teacher mocked me in front of my class. You see I was the student teacher in a second grade classroom at Charles Olbon Elementary School. After class I went home, locked myself in my bedroom and I started pondering my future and my career path. I thought I would not be a good teacher, why did I choose this career path? I choose this path because my friends and family saw me a teacher, but I guess they do not know the real me. In 2003 at the age of ten yearsRead MoreMy Choice Of Career As A Teacher1372 Words   |  6 PagesProject My choice of career is unique because it’s not just one career but four careers. Now those four careers are teaching, writing, cinematography, and politics. From those four choices I choose teaching. I think it works for me because I’m accountable, caring, innovative, and trustworthy I think those are some of the characteristics of a great teacher. A big question is â€Å"what I think about being a teacher†. Well I have a lot of assumptions both big and small about being a teacher. My main andRead MoreMy Career as a Teacher Essay1254 Words   |  6 Pages As I begin my rewarding career as I teacher, I sit and reflect on what my goals and priorities are in the classroom. I am excited to be engaged in a future career where I can implement my own beliefs and mold the future into something extremely positive. I believe the most important aspects that I want to bring to my students are threefold: I want to educate, motivate, and inspire. In order to have a productive learning environment where I will be able to educate my students, many different factorsRead MoreMy Future Career As A Teacher Essay1048 Words   |  5 Pagesbeneficial to my future career as a teacher. I was able to see different strategies or techniques that teachers use in their classroom. This helped me determine strategies that I would want to apply in my future classroom. I was also able to observe strategies that did not work at all. The observations also made it clearer why differentiation in the classroom is important. Out of all the teachers I observed, there was only one teacher who seemed to differentiate instruction. The English teacher I observed

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The Dangers Of Cyber Bullying Essay - 1059 Words

It is important to understand that technology has been the main source for these bullies to go from traditional bullying to cyber-bullying. Today, there is a significant changed because now teenagers own a device and have easy access to the use of technology. According to the Family Community Health (Kiriakidis Kavoura, Volume 33, 2010) it is stated, â€Å"these methods of communication cannot always be monitored by parents who may not be as capable as their children in using information technology.† Technology has improved on many aspects over the last decade because before not many teenagers owned a phone nor did had easy access to the Internet. Teenagers have been known to be the victims of others to any type of harassment; through social media sources such as Facebook, Snap chat, Instagram and Twitter. The easy access of Internet has been the main reason in why this issue has evolved over the last two decades. According to the Universal Journal of Educational Research (No tar, Padgett, Roden Volume 1, 2011) â€Å"more than 97% of youths in the United States are connected to the Internet in some way. The number of children and teens who use the Internet at home is rapidly growing, with now over 66% of fourth to ninth graders able to go online from the comfort of their bedrooms.† It is clear that technology amongst teenagers and children has escalated tremendously over the last decade. The types of cyber bullying are harassment, flaming, exclusion, outing and masquerading. The easyShow MoreRelatedCyber Bullying And Its Effects952 Words   |  4 PagesCyber-bullying is a term that has only gained notoriety in the past few years. Like many things that adapt to their surroundings, cyber-bullying is no exception. As new ways to socialize appear every year, it is a great tool for children and adults alike to communicate with friends and family. However, it can also turn into a tool of terrorization just as easily. The term bullying is usually define d as aggression that is intentionally carried out by one or more individuals and repeatedly targetedRead MoreSocial Media And Its Use By Those Under 18908 Words   |  4 Pagesproximity to you. However, these social media sites can cause damage and even bring harm. Parents should not allow children under the age of 18 to access social media sites, because children are not mature enough to deal with the potential pitfalls and dangers that are present on social media sites. Social media sites can easily become addictive. Due to the advent of the smart phone social media sites are readily accessible twenty-four hours a day. When we are bored, sad, or even angry we can easilyRead MoreCyber-Bullying Has Been A Problem For A Very Long Period.1152 Words   |  5 PagesCyber-bullying has been a problem for a very long period. Due to the growth of our recent technology, cyber-bullying has become one of the most challenging issues in our society. Since cyber-bullying problems are more likely to happen at social gathering, schools, and even mobile phones; Professors, principals, teachers and parents are accountable to observe, reprove and possibly avoid cyber-bullying. The anticipations of most parents of the school, is security. Meanwhile, many employees feel reluctantRead MoreCyber Bullying Is Not A New Phenomenon1704 Words   |  7 PagesProducing Danger Bullying in school is not a new phenomenon; it is as old as the education system. In texts as ancient as the Bible examples are explicit and evident. Throughout the ages bullying has been a tragic and catastrophic element that seems inevitable as it affects the lives of its victims. The fundamental purpose of a school is to educate and coach children in their emotional, cognitive, civic, vocational, and social development. On the contrary, however, schools are generating cutthroatRead MoreEssay On Teen Suicide1332 Words   |  6 Pagesin young people s lives there has been an increase in teen suicide from cyber bullying. Often times young teens don t know the dangers and consequences social media can cause and makes it a dangerous place for some of them. The companies that provide these social media websites sometimes do not have the features necessary to employ a safe network for people at risk of cyberbullying. On top of teens not knowing the dangers of social media and there bein g a lack of protection coming from the companiesRead MoreTechnology Is Harmful1545 Words   |  7 Pageslives really more helpful or harmful? I feel that people are building too much of a dependence on technology and that it is harming society more than it is helping it. There are many negative effects of computer technology in our lives and what the dangers of having them in our lives are. The government stores many files of personal information about people all over the country in databases (Computers). This worries people about the criminals who might try to steal their personal information and useRead MoreThe Dangers Our Children Face on the Internet Essay1058 Words   |  5 Pageswith our Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook. It is hard to argue that technology hasn’t improved our lives through medicine, communication, and entertainment. Our children face an increasing number of dangers on the Internet. Sexual predators, cyber bullying, and pornography are the most prevalent dangers our children face on the Internet; the best way to protect them is to be an involved and informed Parent. Sexual predators on the Internet are a topic that has received lots of attention from the mediaRead MoreCyber Bullying : A New Form Of Bullying979 Words   |à ‚  4 PagesChief Executive Officer of the Girl Scouts of the USA stated â€Å"Cyber Bullies can hide behind a mask of Anonymity online, and do not need direct physical access to their victims to do unimaginable harm† (Chavez). With this mention Cyber bullying has taken a toll in children and teenagers across the nation. Many doctors, advocates, teachers, parents and many more are helping children and teenagers fight against cyber bullying. Cyber bullying can start off as a game, but can become dangerous and lead toRead MoreAdvertising And Peer Pressure : Advertising1564 Words   |  7 Pagesmore dangers. Facebook stated that they have removed those ads and take the quality of their ads very seriously (Elder). They should considering the amount of developing teens on Facebook. Social media is a helpful tool to advertisers who are looking to sell their product but pose more of a danger to teens who are not careful and feel insecure about themselves. Cyberbullying Another problem with social media is the spawn of a new variation of an old problem, bullying. BullyingRead MoreCyber Bullying on Social Networks Negatively Impacts Teens 776 Words   |  3 defines Cyber Bullying as â€Å"the use of technology to hassle, threaten, verbally abuse or humiliate another teen.† Since Cyber Bullying is a relatively new form of bullying, it doesn’t get as much attention as the physical or verbal form, which is most commonly known. People intend to be able to interact with friends and family over social networks, but occasionally malicious individuals make fun of people, or harass them over the internet. One out of three teens experienced being bullied

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Digital Marketing of Hygeia Garden Care †

Question: Discuss about the Digital Marketing Plan of Hygeia Garden Care. Answer: Introduction Hygeia Garden Care is a company offering various products for gardening activity to the families in UK. The company is known to manage a large manufacturing unit and packaging facility unit in its center. The company is known for supplying various types of weed and mosskiller to protect the garden. The company is recently entering the UK market for supplying fertilizers, mosskiller, weed and feed to families having a lawn (Hygeia 2017). For the purpose, the company will design digitalmarketing tool. The paper discusses about thedigital marketing plan that the company will use to enter the new market in UK. Further, it analyzes the situational analysis, target market, competitors and stakeholders of the company. Situation Analysis The company is planning to enter the UK market with various types of products such as green weed, feed and fertilizers for the garden that can protect the plants and trees. However, the customers of UK are unaware of the company Hygeia Garden Care and thus it is difficult for them to expect high customer traffic and sales in the first few months of business. This makes difficult for the company to increase its brand awareness in the UK market compared to the other competitors that already exists in the country. Moreover, the customers of UK are unaware about the company even though Hygeia Garden Care is a known company in Ireland. This makes it necessary for the business to carry out a successful marketing strategy in this scenario (Hygeia 2017). Stakeholders Analysis The stakeholders form an important part of the business while formulating any new decision and implementing it successfully. Hygeia Garden Care also has maintain a good relationship with their stakeholders to carry out their ideas effectively. It is important for them to keep their stakeholder close to them especially while entering a new market where they lack in brand recognition. The stakeholders of Hygeia Garden Care are the target customers, the marketing management team, the shareholders of the business, the operation management team. Some of them are external stakeholders, while others are internal stakeholders. However, each of them has an equal impact on the business. Thus, it is important that the company maintain good quality internal stakeholder such as managers to carry out their green product plan successfully. A sustainable manager is needed to take care of the Green Force fee Weed product that te company is planning to introduce in the UK market (Hygeia 2017). Objectives and Target Market Objectives- To target the most demanding market for the product Safe the environment by offering green fertilizers Target market by social media Hygeia Garden Care has always targeted the customers that have lawn in their garden and retired customers. Thus, the targeting of the company has done is mainly by segmenting its market in two different types such as demographic segmentation and psychographic segmentation. In demographic segmentation, it has focused in customers of old age group mainly the retired person that has free time and owns a garden. This is because this section of the society are the non earning members and love to spend most of the time in the house and take out time for gardening. Another segmentation of customers consists of psychographic segmentation in which it targets the customers that love gardening and spend most of the time to take care of the plant (Hollensen 2015). This is because these customers love to buy new types of green fertilizers from the company in order to protect the plant. Competitors Competitors are the most crucial part of a business and thus it is important to analyze the competitors before entering the business. Similarly, it is very important for Hygeia Garden Care to analyze the competitors in the UK market to enter successfully in its market. The competitors that company faces in the UK market are Evergreen, Aftercut and Mo Bacter. All these companies carry out similar product manufacturing and supplying business as Hygeia Garden Care. These companies offer a tough competition to Hygeia because they already hold a good customer base in the UK market and have good brand recognition among customers (Patel et al. 2014). Marketing strategy and tactics Marketing is very crucial for the business to enter into a new market and allow the customer to recognize them. Thus for the purpose it is important that the company carry out a successful marketing plan for itself. Digital marketing is expanding at a very fast rate and it is the most effective way to attract maximum traffic. Hygeia already carries out some amount of social media marketing through FaceBook. The digital tools that the company can use for targeting its customers for the new sustainable Green Feed and Weed products is by expanding their social media activity it already uses. The above list shows some of the Digital marketing tools that the company can target through social media in order to capture all types of customers that are active in the net. Digital marketing is useful in UK because the country is highly developed and people are very dependent in the internet even for small things (Parente and Strausbaugh-Hutchinson 2014). It will use social media marketing where the young generation of the family is active mostly. They can get the information and help their elders know about it. The effect and response on social media such as FaceBook has shown the success of social media marketing already done by them. Thus, it will also be profitable if the company expand its social media marketing to other social apps as well (Lantos 2015). The company will formulate blog from time to time about its development and new invention. These blogs will be placed in various social media sites in which almost all types of customers are available. Blog is very effective as it involves maximum interaction from the customer. Putting blogs in social media will also help the customers to comment and like their idea as green products is a new and unique idea (Ngo 2016). The company will also use communicative development process in which it will directly interact with the customers. For the reason they will open a page in the social media sites. Through the page, the company will continuously upload videos of their operations and customers using their product. The comment received on the page will then be assessed for further changes. Lastly, is the viral marketing that the company can use in social media by allowing customers to spread new about their recent development and initiatives. This is a process in which the customer gets to know more about the product that they are buying. It is a kind of word of mouth marketing. It is one of the fastest medium of marketing (Kelley et al. 2015). Thus, the above tools are the digital marketing tool plan for the business that it can carry out in the UK market in order to be successful in the new market. Budget Plan Hygeia has set aside $20,000 as a budget for its digital marketing initiative. The total budget will be divided in various sections so that each one of them gets adequate revenue or amount. This is done in order to carry out each digital marketing initiative successfully. Variables Financials Website design $3000 Pay per click investment $6000 Social media page $3000 SEO advertising $8000 Total $20,000 Table 1: Budget Planning Source: Authors creation The above table shows the division of various variable among which the budget will be divided for carrying out the digital marketing activity by the company. Action and Control Plan The company will first prepare a blog and a page for their social media advertising. In that page, it will include all their initiative and success until now. For the purpose, the company shall higher marketing manager and a new team under them to help them to manage the activity. Thus, the marketing managers will high top web designer professionals to design their pages so the it can receive maximum likes. The company should also implement a control plan by which it will monitor the success of the digital marketing plan that it has formulated. The controlling activity will include analyzing the number of likes in their social media page by the end of the year. Moreover, the company can analyze the number of orders the company received by the end of the year (Moriarty et al. 2014). This will help the company to recognize its brand value in the new UK market within one year. Conclusion From the above analysis, it can be concluded that Hygeia will have to carry out a successful marketing strategy in order to calculate the success rate it has achieved at the end of the year. This can be done by them by carrying out a successful digital marketing plan by using tools such as social media. The company does this as UK is the most developed country and most of the customers are dependent on the internet for their daily needs. Moreover, it will also allow them to hit the UK market more than their competitors will as they are every new to this market. Moreover, the green fertilizer that the company is offering will help the country to deal with their pollution issues. References Hollensen, S., 2015.Marketing management: A relationship approach. Pearson Education. (2017).Product catalogue [online] Available at: [Accessed 7 Nov. 2017]. Kelley, L., Sheehan, K. and Jugenheimer, D.W., 2015.Advertising media planning: a brand management approach. Routledge. Lantos, G.P., 2015.Consumer behavior in action: Real-life applications for marketing managers. Routledge. Moriarty, S., Mitchell, N.D., Wells, W.D., Crawford, R., Brennan, L. and Spence-Stone, R., 2014.Advertising: Principles and practice. Pearson Australia. Ngo, L., 2016. Digital advertising campaign in the Singaporean market: Southern Vietnam Poultry Breeding Joint Stock Company (SVPC). Parente, D. and Strausbaugh-Hutchinson, K., 2014.Advertising campaign strategy: A guide to marketing communication plans. Cengage Learning. Patel, P.C., Fernhaber, S.A., McDougall?Covin, P.P. and van der Have, R.P., 2014. Beating competitors to international markets: The value of geographically balanced networks for innovation.Strategic Management Journal,35(5), pp.691-711.

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The Enviromnetal Degradation As A Result Of Overpopulation Essays

The Enviromnetal Degradation as a Result of Overpopulation 1 Introduction There are simply too many people on our planet, and the population is not showing any signs of slowing down(see Figure 1). It is having disastrous effects on our environment. There are too many implications and interrelationships to discuss in this paper, but the three substances that our earth consists of: land, water and air, are being destroyed. Our forests are being cut down at an alarming rate, bearing enormous impacts on the health of earth. Our oceans and seas are being polluted and overfished. Our atmosphere is injected with increasing amounts of carbon dioxide, which hurts the entire planet. All of these problems can be traced to our vast, rapidly expanding population, which has stressed our world far too greatly. Our Population In 1994, the world population was 5 602 800 000. This population had a doubling time of only forty-one years (De Blij and Muller, 1994, p.527). The massive amount of people has had highly destructive impacts on the earth's environment. These impacts occur on two levels: global and local. On the global level, there is the accumulation of green house gases that deplete the ozone layer, the extinction of species, and a global food shortage. On the local level, there is erosion of soils (and the loss of vegetation), the depletion of water supply, and toxification of the air and water. The earth is dynamic though, all of these aspects are interrelated, and no one impact is completely isolated. All of these destructive elements can be traced to our enormous population. As the population increases, so do all of the economic, social, and technological impacts. The concept of momentum of population growth is one that must be considered. It states that areas with traditionally high fertility rates will have a very young structure age. Thus, a decrease in the fertility rate will still result in a greater absolute number of births, 2 as there are more potential mothers. Populations are very slow in adjusting to decreases in fertility rates. This is especially frightening when considering that South Asia has a population of 1 204 600 000 (and a doubling time of thirty two years), Subsaharan Africa has 528 000 000 (doubling time: thirty one years), and North Africa/Southwest Asia has 448 100 000 (doubling time: twenty seven years) (De Blij and Muller, 1994, p. 529-531)and all of these areas have traditionally high fertility rates. Although third world countries do have a far larger population than industrialized nations, and the trend is constantly increasing, their populations should not bear the responsibility for our population-enduced degrading environment. The impact we make on the biosphere is sometimes expressed mathematically by ecological economists as I = PAT. I being impact, P population, A affluence (consumption) , and T technology (environmentally bad technology)(Ehrlich and Ehrlich, 1990, p.24). Concern regarding population increases often focuses on the third world, since it is there that growth is exponential. Yet, it is necessary to recognize that people are by no means equal or identical in their consumption, and thus their impact on the environment (see Map 2). 3 Our Forests ?The sky is held up by the trees. If the forest disappears the sky, which is the roof of the world collapses. Nature and man perish together.? - Amerindian legend Forests are a precious link in the life systems of our planet. They are a part of these vital ecosystem services without which earth would not have been habitable by the human species in the first place and would certainly have become inhabitable again. Forests have crucial roles in the carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen cycles that nourish and sustain life on earth. They protect the watersheds that support farming and influence climate and rainfall(Lindahl-Kiessling, 1994, p.167). They save the soil from erosion and are home to thousands of species, and forest peoples whose lives depend on them. They are also a source for industrial and medical purposes. In developing countries, much deforestation is for both local purposes and for export. The UNFPA (United Nations Fund for Population Activities) said in it's 1990 report that population growth may have been responsible for as much as eighty percent of the forest land cleared between 1971 and 1986 to make room for agriculture, cattle ranching, houses, roads and industries(Ramphal, 1992, p.55). It is estimated that in that period nearly sixty million hectares of forest were converted to farmland and a similar amount of forest was put to non-agricultural uses. This is equivalent

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Infantile Amenisia Essays - Memory, Childhood Amnesia, Amnesia

Infantile Amenisia Essays - Memory, Childhood Amnesia, Amnesia Infantile Amenisia Our brains are constantly at work processing and retrieving information. However, we become frustrated when we cannot readily retrieve information that we have stored in our brains. The inability to remember can occur for a number of reasons that range from simple forgetting to phenomena like Infantile Amnesia. Infantile Amnesia is described as an adults inability to remember events before the age of two or three. This phenomena has proven difficult to test because your memory is in a constant state of reconstruction, (Rupp, 1998, p. 171). That is your memories are influenced by past events, and current perceptions about yourself. Therefore, you may remember events only in a way that it is congruent with your current perceptions of yourself, and current relationships. Rupp illustrated this: Grown children who clash with their parents may find memories of childhood plastered over with new impressions the past becomes gloomier and more dismal; recollections of past injustices loom large. (Rupp, 1998, p.172) Hindsight bias is also a factor in both adult and childhood memories. Hindsight bias occurs when our memory of how certain we were about the accuracy of an event is altered. If an event is recounted that is similar to the memory that we have we tend to become more confident remembering events in a much more positive light. If our memory is found to be false, we quickly remember ourselves as being cautiously doubtful about the event in the first place. Therefore, it is clear that our memories are quite susceptible to error. Sigmund Freud, father of the psychoanalytic school of thought had a different interpretation. Freud contended that it was necessary to repress early childhood memories. This necessity stemmed out of the need to repress anxiety-producing sexual and aggressive memories related to a childs parent or parents. Freud thought that repression of these memories was essential to developing a healthy sex life as an adult. Though Freuds theories are widely accepted increasingly, contemporary psychologists are veering away from this theory. Memory is defined as the process by which information is encoded, stored and retrieved. This process is central to learning and thinking. There are three types of memory storage systems: sensory memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory. Sensory memory is the initial storage of information that may last for only an instant. Short-term memory holds information for 15 to 25 seconds. Long-term memory occurs when we store information permanently. Therefore, many of our memories about our childhood are stored there. It is not that newborns are incapable of remembering things but the way that they remember. The brains of newborns are, predisposed to retain certain kinds of information often information related to survival and mastering the environment. (Sroufe, Cooper and Dehart, 1996). In addition, babies are only able to store fewer pieces of information about events and experiences. At this early stage in life, they are unable to organize and store information in a manner that would allow them to retrieve it readily later in life. Piaget believed that, babies memories are sensory motor in nature not true representations. (Sroufe, Cooper and Dehart, 1996). Psychologists have continually tried to find methods to understand the phenomena of infantile amnesia. Studies have been conducted using the birth of a sibling as a reference point for discerning exactly what people can remember from that period. College students and children aged four, six, eight and twelve were asked to recall the birth of a sibling when they were between the ages three and eleven. Researchers asked question like Who took care of you while your mother was in the hospital? Did the baby receive presents? Did you receive presents? Then their mothers were asked the same questions. The study found that children who were under the age of three at the time of the birth remember virtually nothing. The inability to remember events in early childhood is not necessarily a bad thing. Actually, it may be useful particularly for people who have suffered severe trauma during their childhood. It prevents them from reliving these traumatic events, and causing undue anxiety that may impair their adult lives. While I am not in complete agreement with Freud theory on infantile amnesia, I believe that it may serve its

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Internationalization Theories Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Internationalization Theories - Essay Example Due to the generality of the OLI, the theory has been limited to the task of explaining particular types of foreign behaviors or production of specific enterprises, unless there is an application of the framework to a specific predefined context. As opposed to other theories, OLI is specific to particular contexts of application, especially in its configuration that is likely to differ in different regions, firms, countries, industries, or in the value-added practices. On the other hand, the OLI application is most likely to rely on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) motivators (Demos, Fragkiskos and Marina, 2004). The primary assumption of the OLI is that the FDI returns, and thus the entirety of FDI, may be explained using three factors. They include: the firm’s ownership advantage ‘O’, which indicates who produces abroad, as well as other types of international activities; internationalization advantage ‘I’; and the location advantage (L), which gives reasons for   firms   to take part in FDI as opposed to licensing the foreign companies to make use of their proprietary assets (Adner and Kapoor, 2010).For the firm to effectively compete within a foreign location, it must have particular ownership advantages, which are also referred to as monopolistic or competitive advantages, which compensate for the extra costs incurred during the setting up of its operations in the foreign country, which are not faced by the producers from within the country (Desbordes, 2007).

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Improving Performance and Organizational Effectiveness Research Paper

Improving Performance and Organizational Effectiveness - Research Paper Example In this paper, we will discuss how Fortune 500 companies can achieve their goals of improving employees’ performance and organizational effectiveness. Ways to Improve Organizational Effectiveness Most of the managers of Fortune 500 companies aim at improving the elements of management, quality, and employee involvement in order to improve organizational effectives. Implementing a suitable customer relationship strategy also plays a key role in improving organizational performance (Elmuti, Jia, & Gray, 2009). Proper Management The role of managers is critical for the success of any organization. Top level and middle level management perform the role of brain for an organization that directs all departments of the organization. For example, in a healthcare organization, management assigns tasks to different departments based on the nature of tasks and the departments put their efforts to complete those tasks. Top management provides regular training to the employees not only to improve their performance but also to make them improve the quality of products. If we talk about traditional management practices, we can say that in traditional management, all business processes and decisions revolve around the top management of the organization that prevents employees from being creative and innovative. The role of managers in improving organization performance and effectiveness is also important because they lead, shape, and guide all employees to work properly to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. Without proper management of employee behaviors and other issues, a company can never show good performance. Integration of Quality Quality means to provide product satisfaction to the customers. Any organization or a company can satisfy the stakeholders and the customers only if it provides them with quality in the products that they use. According to Brown (2011), quality is the key to organizational success because it leads an organization to sustain able growth and competitive advantage (p. 93). Pearce (2007) states that for a business to be effective a quality approach must cover all people and all activities at every interface within the business. Quality also means to seek continuous improvement in the products and services provided by any organization. One cannot deny the importance of quality management in an organization. Many companies and organizations firmly believe in the benefits and importance of adopting the ISO 9000:2000 standards (Al-Khalifa, Al-Salem, & Mohamed, 2008). Improving and maintaining quality of products and services is a very important point of consideration for any organization to get success in a competitive market. Quality management is an ongoing process of building and sustaining healthy working relationships between the company and its customers by providing the customers with quality products. The target of growth of business and gaining trust of customers in the competitive market can be achie ved if a company implements a proper quality management system in a company. Quality management system of any organization should base on ISO 9000 series, which represents an international agreement on the quality management practices within an organization (Uzumeri, 1997). If a company wants to attain market domination, the management of that company needs to provide its customers with the highest quality products and service. It is necessary for any organization to implement a well-developed quality management